A41 Analysis for Innovators. Precision Products UK is a leading manufacturer of chrome-plated piston rings, used principally in large bore two-stroke diesel engines.

Analytical Tests on SPC for Excel. A presentation with a focus on regression, DOE and ANOVA.

The DGS PVP Service Overview. Product Verification Services to help manufacture to original design specs through better measurement & inspection practices.

Marine Propulsion Evolution. A presentaion describing the evolution of marine propulsion systems.

Meeting Functional Requirements for a Hydraulic Rack & Pinion Steering Gear. A presentation from a techical awareness seminar.

My journey with Control Charts. Views based on personal observations & experiences.

NPL Measurement Strategy. Every time you use your GPS, put petrol in your car, or receive a medical diagnosis, you are putting your trust in measurements.

Qualcon Presentation. Improvement project for the automotive A/C muffle assembly.

From Paddle to Gas Turbine. The evolution of marine propulsion, a flyer from a talk given by Denis Sexton.

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